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The Real #DukeDifference

Published by Ben Thier
Two words, perhaps normal to the average passerby, jumped out to the two of us as we walked along the…
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The Value of a Passion

Published by Meg Hancock '20
A History major, an Art major, and an English major all walk into a bar; they get ridiculed for pursuing…
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A Deeper Look

Published by Kaelah Brauher
Growing up in a small town in Michigan, I’ve never had much exposure to homelessness. The only homeless people I…
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Published by Emma Crossman
“Philanthropy is changing. By design and by demand. Proactively and reactively” -Brian Crimmins The non-profit sector is one that has…
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large apartment building

A new issue

Published by Aanan Henderson
When I first arrived in Boston I was really interested in understanding the complex and nuanced issue of urban poverty…
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green walk signal at crosswalk

Do Not Walk

Published by Kaelah Brauher
Each morning I wake up, get dressed, walk to Miller St. Residence Hall for breakfast with my friends, then walk…
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historic brick building with tall spire

The High-Five Man

Published by CM
Each morning on my walk to work, I am confronted by many things. Blasting horns and sirens as the Duck…
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