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  • Poster that reads Lower East Side Girls Club: girls gone green

    Make sunshine, not shade.

    Published by Anna Schilling
    On Thursday, 21in’21 (a grassroots organization promoting womxn-identifying candidates for local office) had its first meeting for the newly formed …
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  • DukeEngage students dancing with kids at Walltown Children's Theater

    Dancing in the Dark

    Published by Andrew McCallum
    I can’t dance. When the music starts playing, I can only manage to flail around like I’m the Scarecrow from …
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  • I am the Sun.

    Published by Shernice Martin
    This poem is inspired by a NYC sunrise, witnessed at 5:45 am from my window. It was written as a reflection …
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  • DukeEngage student interviewed on En Contexto television program

    Snapshots from DukeEngage Paraguay

    Published by Tommy Klug
    This summer, eight DukeEngage students spent two months in Asunción, Paraguay working on sustainable development issues. The project involved students …
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