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Connecting with DukeEngage as an Alum

We welcome your continued input and engagement, well after your own summer as a DukeEngage participant is over. We’re always working on new opportunities for connection. Here are a few possibilities:

Join the DukeEngage Alumni LinkedIn Group

We share occasional updates about former DukeEngage participants — where are they now? — as well as articles from the world of immersive civic engagement and job postings and other opportunities that might be of interest to our alumni. Join today!

Check out the DukeEngage Alumni Affinity Group

Where can you find every Duke alumni who’s done DukeEngage? Visit the DukeEngage Alumni Affinity Group on the Duke Alumni Association website. It has announcements, upcoming events, and Class Notes on all your fellow DukeEngagers, all in one place!

Share Your Story with the Duke Development Team

To maintain its currently level of enrollment and excellence, DukeEngage relies on continued financial support from individual donors, foundations and other contributors, all of whom want to hear stories of impact from DukeEngage participants. How did the program change you or your plans? Have you incorporated lessons learned into your career or volunteer priorities? If you have a DukeEngage story to tell, we want to hear it. Please share!

Please email Margaret Krause, DukeEngage’s Development Director, if you’d like to share a story:

DukeEngage Alumni Working Group – A Guiding Influence

In the spring of 2017, DukeEngage reached out to a small group of program alumni who had, over the years, offered to stay involved with the program. Some are pursuing graduate degrees, others have established careers in far-flung communities around the world. Their shared experiences with DukeEngage uniquely qualify them to help guide the program in a variety of ways. Primarily, we’ll be asking them to help us identify and broadcast stories of DukeEngage’s impact on students and on communities, with a little guidance on fundraising in the mix, too.

Please email Margaret Krause, DukeEngage’s Development Director, if you’d like to volunteer with the Alumni Working Group: