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The cornerstone of the DukeEngage experience is the breadth of its U.S.-based and international immersion programs, which place students for a minimum of eight weeks in communities worldwide. Through their service, students help address a particular community’s issue(s) — and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow developmentally throughout the process.

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DukeEngage isn’t just about volunteering. It’s about establishing mutually beneficial relationships with people and organizations in a community outside a student’s everyday comfort zone. It’s a reciprocal arrangement in which the student contributes in a meaningful way to an organization while learning about real-world problems and solutions from the people in the community.

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Reflection is the process of deriving meaning from experience. With DukeEngage, students use reflection to discover specific connections between something we do and the consequences that result. Reflection provides the methodology that will translate experiences into cognitive and effective knowledge. Structured reflection is a critical component of service-learning and civic engagement work. Reflection helps us to develop the skills and discover the tools necessary to work towards significant, informed and valuable social change.

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