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Think you're interested in DukeEngage, but need more information?

Check out this YouTube presentation for an overview of DukeEngage.

Who Is Eligible to Participate in DukeEngage?

Any student who has completed at least two semesters at Duke, who will be on active status at Duke during the summer of participation, and who will spend at least one semester back on campus after the DukeEngage experience is eligible to participate. This includes students enrolled in study abroad before or after DukeEngage. As post-program engagement back on campus is a central tenet of DukeEngage, the application process is restricted to current first-year students, sophomores, and juniors. Seniors are not eligible to participate.


How Do I Choose a DukeEngage Program?


  • What type of work interests you? Consider two or three themes — such as engineering, the environment, women’s advocacy, or health outreach — that excite you or connect in meaningful ways to your journey.
  • In what type of community do you want to be immersed? As you explore potential programs, learn as much as you can about the community, the partners with whom you could be working, and the work itself. Seek out articles, films, speakers, events, and resources on campus.
  • Are your skills and background a match for a particular program/s? Consider how your skills relate to the program that interests you. Program leaders select students who possess applicable skills, have taken related coursework, and/or have previous experience that supports the type of work underway in their respective programs. Make a list of what you have to offer the community.


  • Join the DukeEngage email list and follow DukeEngage on Instagram and Facebook to receive up-to-date program announcements.
  • Explore the DukeEngage website, read student blogs, and browse our social media channels to familiarize yourself with the programs in which you have interest.
  • Attend a virtual “How to Apply” information session for an overview of DukeEngage and the application process.
  • Reach out to a DukeEngage guiDE (program alumni mentor) for advice from a student who has participated in DukeEngage.
  • Attend a virtual drop-in advising session with DukeEngage staff.



How Do I Apply to DukeEngage?

Application options:

  • One U.S. program
  • One international program
  • One U.S. program and one international program
  • Two U.S. programs

*Please note that students may not apply to more than one international program

2021 programs will be announced at the same time the application opens at the beginning of January. (Look for the “Apply” button above.) Note: The Apply button is only active when DukeEngage is accepting applications. Outside of the application period, the button is not visible.


The application includes a series of questions that focus on your interest in a particular program, how your background makes you a good candidate for that program, and how you’ve prepared yourself for participation in a challenging immersive program. A link to sample questions is posted below for your review.


All applications are read by faculty program directors who make determinations on who they would like to interview. Not all applicants will have the opportunity to interview.

Review our FAQs for more detailed information on the application process, interviews, and acceptance.


Still have questions? Email us. We’re happy to help. DukeEngage.