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Going into my Duke Engage program, I didn’t necessarily know what to expect. I didn’t know whether I was going to be doing a more marketing role, a more sales role, a more technical role, etc. As my community partner let me know they were looking for a more technical background, I expected to be coding, or at least learning how to. However, this was the exact opposite- I began doing marketing schematics, learning what a marketing funnel was, and trying to figure out how to properly advertise with social media the new products the organization was creating for equitable remote learning. Although I was never initially attracted to marketing, I decided to give it a chance, with the help of my supervisor. He ended up being extremely patient with teaching me how to effectively create slides, all the technicalities behind marketing plans, and how this is effective with the work the community is doing. Although I was expecting a more technical role, I am extremely satisfied with the work I currently am participating in. I often respond to change my submerging myself in the work I am doing and attempting to find something interesting in it, and the applicable nature of the work to social media has for sure catered to my change of opinion on the type of work I was willing to do for the community organization. Overall, I learned that sometimes you must put aside some of your predisposed thoughts in order to effectively contribute to your community.