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My DukeEngage project was scheduled to be in Boston, however, due to COVID-19, it was digitized into an online format. Even with this inconvenience, I hope to bring educational equity to public school districts in Boston, MA, most pressing during the time of quarantine. For example, many schools in the Boston districts often struggle with catering towards the specific needs of students through adequate lesson plans, such as for English language learners and disabled students. One of my main objectives is to make sure that on the website of the organization, there are adequate resources (in forms of checklists) for school districts to log-in and access in order to enhance what they are lacking currently during remote learning, and quickly alter it.


I am most excited to see the impact of my work on the school districts that the organization is servicing- as I began as an English Second Language (ESL) student when I first entered the public school districts in NYC, it brings me great pride and joy to be on the other side of the mission and truly improve the remote learning quality for students who are struggling with learning various subject matters in public schools. I am a little bit worried about staying on top of my project from an online standpoint, as I do perform better when my responsibilities are delegated in person and are easily evaluated, however I hope to alleviate some of these worries by being able to communicate openly and freely with my supervisor and fellow students.