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The 2022 DukeEngage team to Wiser was so resourceful. The team had a variety of relevant skills ranging from technology, research, communications, arts, dancing, sports, and science laboratory skills.  From the onset, the team adapted easily to the existing programs, thanks to their flexibility. We had smaller teams working closely with Wiser girls in science and engineering, information, communications, and technology (ICT), sexual and reproductive health, and arts and communications clubs.

The ICT teams designed an interactive website for the twelve Wiser Houses of Wisdom, a platform where details, values, achievements, and activities of the students of each House are displayed.

The sexual and reproductive health team established a two-hour weekly program through which girls and boys aged between 9 to 15 years from all primary schools in the Muhuru Bay Community are taken through guidance and counseling sessions on sexual reproductive health and mentorship.

The science and engineering teams together with the Wiser girls identified three projects and worked together to develop an automatic sensor map of Africa, a domestic solar heating oven, and a wind-powered alternating current generator in addition to facilitating practical learning in the physics laboratory.

The communication and arts teams worked together with a group of Wiser girls through skills development in drawing. They discretely worked behind the scenes to develop a surprise Wiser Magazine in honor of the Wiser Principal Dorcas Oyugi.

An outstanding special project developed by DE student Yan Feng was a web-based student information monitoring and tracking program, which contains all information about a Wiser Girl from the date of admission. Academic information relating to exam scores is automatically analyzed, and reports are generated in real-time. The student’s tracked information ranges from their discipline, academic progress, and participation in co-curricular activities as well as their achievements both as Wiser students and alumni. The program, though in its design stage, will be integral in the operations of the office of the Director of Studies at Wiser. We shall continue to collaborate in developing and testing the program until it becomes effectively functional.

The 2022 Duke-Wiser partnership goes down in memory as one of the most successful programs: featuring a team with diverse skills, knowledge, and talents. Their willingness and ability to work with the community, gather information through the water survey, participate in community service programs and establish an excellent working relationship with the dominant community transport service providers (piki drivers) were instrumental in the overall success of this year’s program.

All thanks to effective preparation by the Program Director, Dr. Sherryl Broverman, as well as the dedication and leadership of Site Coordinator Rebecca Melaku.

Kennedy Mikula

Director of Studies

Wiser Girls School

DukeEngage Kenya students overlooking the Rift Valley