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Help is a Two-Way Street

Published by Kya Locklear
The idea of ‘helping’ is an interesting and abstract concept; one that before felt much more black and white. It’s …
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Teaching is a Two-Way Street

Published by Kelsi King
Eight weeks and countless rides in our beloved giant white van later, DukeEngage Orange County has finally come to a …
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DukeEngage back at Duke

Published by Qingqi Li
With DukeEngage wrapping up, I’m thinking towards the upcoming school year. I move back to Duke in 10 days, and …
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Highs and Highers

Published by Nadia Innab
As an activity on one of the last days of work, instead of saying our “high” and “low”, staff said …
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Published by Emily Ma
Enlightening. This Duke engage experience has definitely opened my eyes to more areas of the United States. Not only in …
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The Legacy of my Menial Work

Published by Anh-Huy Nguyen
The eight weeks in Miami have blown by, and as we prepare to leave, questions have arisen about the legacy …
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Why can’t you come back?

Published by Jiwoo Kim
“Are you coming back to camp next year?” “Why can’t you come back?” “Why are you not staying here?” “That’s …
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