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The Consequences of Plastic

Published by Laura Navarrete
Among many gifts and lessons I’ve received from spending this summer on Kauai, one of the biggest educational impacts I’ve …
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Life is a (Turtle) Highway

Published by Ashley Rosen
The Before: As I stood on the bank of the Hanalei River where the river’s mouth meets the salty ocean …
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Why Investigate?

Published by Yuexuan Chen
by  Yuexuan Chen   I’m spending the next two months in Durban, South Africa interning for a small investigative environmental …
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A Review of My Internship

Published by Grace Chun
It is my last week with my community partner, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon. I haven’t really processed it yet. It …
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An Introduction to Metro

Published by Charles Keziah
When I tell people I work at Metro, I usually get one of two responses.  One is “Oh, you mean …
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A New City

Published by Grace Sipp
I have always been a city person; I love the access to and wide breadth of culture and the convenience …
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