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Cut hands

Bruised calves

Aching shoulders

Sweat filled eyes

Grass coated skin


The scent of mixed gasoline permeates the humid air

Whirring orange lines growl, drowning out the call of the Nene

Cool breezes dance fleetingly through the landscape

Numerous hours spent in solitary destruction yet countless more remain

Rocks, sticks, and dirt amalgamate to produce a tornado of debris


Hunger claws viciously

The sun’s rays fall harshly on mosquito bitten flesh

Blisters dot the surface of sore feet

Heat from the exhaust ignites lingering bruises from a failed stream crossing

Eons pass, still the clock remains frozen


Weak tissue hardens to muscle

Dense greenery fades to inviting trail

A mule rumbles excitedly through the newly cleared path, carrying native plants and shovels

Children laugh between walls of grass and march determinedly towards a stream

Water testing commences, bringing data (and funds) where it is needed most


Glares of hatred at the weed wacker morph into friendly smiles

“I’ll miss you during my linear algebra lecture” I whisper



Volunteer weedwacking near old water catchment system
Proper weedwacking form



Volunteer weedwacking
If your chaps don’t match your weed wacker, are you really weedwacking?



Volunteer with weedwacker
Winning at weedwacking