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Open to all incoming first-year students

Consistent with Duke’s longstanding commitment to the global public good, the DukeEngage Gateway summer program is a call to action in students’ communities around the world. Open to all incoming first-year Duke undergraduates, the program invites students into the Duke community of engaged peers, faculty and alumni and affords an opportunity to tackle a social problem in their hometown while also beginning to explore their own sense of purpose in the world.

**The Gateway program is an offspring of DukeEngage (a program open to current undergraduates). Information found on the rest of this website pertains to DukeEngage, not to the Gateway Program. Please contact us with questions:

In the Gateway Program students will:

  • Collaborate with an organization in their home community for at least 100 hours of engagement on a project, over a minimum of five weeks. (Please note that, in accordance with the 2022 Duke Minors Policy, DukeEngage cannot approve projects in which participants will be working with minors).
  • Participate in a virtual orientation + training session on the principles and ethics of community engagement
  • Participate in weekly programming (one or two sessions per week) to explore the challenges of community engagement and strategies for both making sustainable relationships and maximizing impact. Programming will consist of at least three virtual reflection workshops led by Duke faculty, plus weekly conversations with Duke partner organizations and others.
  • Share their summer work in September at a symposium for fellow participants
  • Receive a $1500 stipend for participating (please note that the stipend will be paid to participants in August when they’ve matriculated and school has begun. Participants for whom this will cause financial strain should email Inga Peterson, the Associate Director of Operations, at


2022 Dates

Application opens: Apr 20th

Application Deadline: May 24th

Application Notifications: May 27th

Summer Programming (Community Lunches & Reflection Groups):  July 5th– Aug 5th


Ready to Apply?


Access the Gateway Program application here.

  • Click here for more information on designing an independent project! Let us know if you need help.

2022 Gateway Students

Akshay Gokul (Somerset, NJ)

Organization: People’s Theatre Project

This summer, Akshay will be partnering with People’s Theatre Project, an organization that makes theatre with and for immigrant communities in order to fuse social justice with the arts, thus working to build a more just and equitable world. Akshay will assist in tasks within program development and implementation, create visual and written-based marketing materials and social media content, manage correspondence with partners and individuals, and handle the logistics apart of project management.

Ana Beatriz Macedo (Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)

Organization: NOSSAS

This summer, Ana will be working with NOSSAS to structure the outreach program of Amazônia de Pé, a campaign to redesign the preservation of the Amazon, in schools across Brazil. Ana will be responsible for devising specific media strategy, contacting regional education directors and school administrators, and formulating educational material concerning the current state of the forest and the need to pass a new national Bill to preserve the rain forest.

Ansel LaPier (Spokane, WA)

Organization: The Lands Council 

This summer, Ansel is working with the Spokane Lands Council to help plot and record the vegetative growth of riparian zones in the surrounding area. This work will help to asses the effectiveness of conservation and restoration efforts within the area.

Ariha Mehta (Warren, NJ)

Organization: EmPoWER Somerset

This summer, Ariha will be working with the non-profit organization, Empower Somerset, based in Somerville, NJ, to create digital media tools in order to spread awareness about their work of creating substance free communities for adults and teens.

Aaron Siegle (Aspen Hill, Maryland)

Organization: Maryland Environmental Trust

This summer, Aaron will be working with Maryland Environmental Trust (MET), a land trust that manages around 140,000 acres spanning the state of Maryland. He will be assisting MET’s conservation easement stewardship program by conducting monitoring visits to easements, producing new maps via arcGIS and creating a soil conservation management plan.

Aubteen Pour-Biazar (Madison, Alabama)

Organization: United Way

This summer, Aubteen is partnering with the United Way of Madison County’s community impact team to ensure that under-resourced members of his community are informed of, and empowered by, the services United Way and its partner agencies offer.

Chloe McGeehan (Ellicott, MD)

Organization: Howard County Health Department

This summer, Chloe is partnering with the Howard County Health Department (HCHD) and the Howard County Library System (HCLS). Her role within the program will be to facilitate collaborations between these two local organizations in hopes of bringing behavioral health resources and college preparedness initiatives to residents of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Chloe’s work will range from receiving suicide prevention training to drafting HCHD+HCLS program proposals and strengthening the HCLS Brave Voices, Brave Choices racial equity initiative.

Della Crawford (Wadesboro, NC)

Organization: Anson County Council on Aging

This summer, Della will be working with the Anson County Council on Aging on creating health booklets regarding the basics of healthy aging and resources for aging people in the community, care packets for seniors, and/or leading social events for seniors in the community.

Eyitemi Jalogho (Ibadan, Nigeria)

Organization: The Health Emergency Initiative (HEI)

This summer, Eyitemi will be partnering with the Health Emergency Initiative (HEI), a Nigeria based non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to indigent and vulnerable patients in public hospitals for the overall purpose of saving lives via all her lifesaving programs. Her work will focus on defining and managing the story behind HEI and communicating the story in a compelling way to the audience and media. She will be creating engaging content for media releases, social media platforms, and newsletters.

Katelyn Cai (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Organization: Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Office

This summer, she will be working with Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Office to expand access to and standardize grant opportunities for community partners, write and review policy on women’s issues, and aid in casework and outreach for constituents.


Kushaan Kapoor (Singapore)

Organization: Good Karma: LoveConnect

This summer he will be working with the organization Good Karma on the LoveConnect initiative, a weekly food distribution program serving close to 200 families by distributing portions of fresh foods and snacks provided by local food banks and organizations with excess supplies. Kush will help organize volunteers to increase efficiency as the market looks to expand its operations and help more families.

Maya Anderson (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Organization: Caminos de Agua

After having spent a gap year in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico working with the water equity nonprofit, this summer she returned to help the communications team create and organize a central hub that allows easier access to information regarding community projects, monthly newsletters, and featured articles. She will also assist with documentation by creating photo/video content of community member testimonies and of implemented water technologies.

Michael Austin (Cary, North Carolina)

Organization: North Carolina Mock Trial Program

This summer, Michael will support the efforts of the North Carolina Mock Trial Program, a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower students with greater civic understanding and communications skills by operating a statewide mock trial competition. He will work on writing fictional legal cases that reflect the unique interests of students in North Carolina, in addition to offering a student perspective in grant-writing, event-planning, and outreach.

Nikita Daga (Bangalore, India)

Organization: Child Rights and You (CRY)

This summer Nikita will be partnering with Child Rights and You (CRY), the largest non-profit organization for building happier childhoods in India. She will work to make the volunteering program at CRY more effective and attractive for younger volunteers by producing a research report.


Prisha Gupta (Plano, Texas)

Organization: Plano Public Library

This summer, Prisha will be working with the Plano Public Library’s Outreach and Engagement department on their popular blog/video series called Library Make. This series provides tutorials on DIY early childhood literacy activities. She will be helping them update old handouts, links, thumbnails, and posts to aid in the continuation of the series.

Seth Liyanapathirana (Powell, Ohio)

Organization: Unity Community Center

This summer, Seth will be partnering with the Unity Community Center to develop suicide prevention campaigns, programs, and materials. He will provide support through planning seminars, creating infographics, and managing social media accounts in hopes to provide understanding to Delaware County to reduce youth suicides in his community.

Srikrishna Darbha (College Station, Texas)

Organization: American Red Cross

This summer, Srikrishna will be  supporting the work of American Red Cross of Montgomery in Howard Counties in Maryland. His role in this Red Cross Chapter will be to assist the recruitment team in obtaining new volunteers for the organization by implementing recruitment strategies.

Victoria Ko (San Francisco, California)

Organization: The Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care (CACCC)

This summer, Victoria will be working alongside CACCC to engage the community in Advanced Care Planning and decision making, as well as to improve access to Palliative Care. She will provide assistance to edit and promote educational material for events that increase awareness of the importance of advance care planning, and showcasing meaningful stories in the community.