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Joanna always sits in front of her window and a whiteboard, entitled with a huge and colorful “HOW WE WORK” and some illegible words underneath. She looks around when she thinks and gives a cheerful smile when she turns back. 

Ned is always asking folks to show their pets or babies and repeats “love it” about 3 times each time he sees them. 

Marlo is always on her treadmill during online meetings. She swings from left to right rhythmically, uttering a series of words each time she steps. 

Jenifer, Dawn, Lindsay, Devin, Micah, Sarah, all have their uniqueness. Getting used to talking with each individual, I started to feel a sense of belonging. But the confirmation came when I found it natural to be called during meetings and to be relied upon for work. As if we’ve worked together since long ago, we could laugh together, ask for favors, and help each other out. 

Here is a group of awesome people. Am I among them? Yes, but only for a short period of time. During these 8 weeks, I have access to the software they are using, I use the same title “TechTown” when introducing myself, and I communicate with them in Teams. This is, however, the only time I have membership within this group. After 56 days, I will leave. No matter how genuinely I hope, I will likely never be a member of this group again.

On the other hand, this community will always save me space, or moreover, there is no limitation of space in a community. I am certain, that even if I leave the group after these 320 hours, I will forever belong to this community. This is a community for me to reflect upon in the future years, for we all believe in the power of innovation, technology, in making changes, and in social entrepreneurship.