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Cabo Verde and Africa

Published by Stephan Beauge
Coming to Cabo Verde made me realize how many stereotypes are perpetuated about Africans. As I told many of my…
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Committed in Cabo Verde

Published by Jonah Rodgers
Dear Reader,   Of the few consistencies I’ve experienced here in Cabo Verde, the most prevalent is the requirement of…
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The Tables have Turned

Published by Bailey Heit
Volcanoes: 6th grade science class. Learning the reaction between baking soda and vinegar. Friendship bracelets: Walton’s summer camp. Carrying around…
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Lessons from Cape Verde

Published by Chinemerem Nwosu
I have learned that perspective changes even more drastically after deep and thoughtful reflection. As I reflect on the past…
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Bo e Cabo Verdeanu?

Published by Lauren Howell
  Due to my physical appearance as a black American, I have often been asked if I am Cabo Verdean.…
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Words Fail

Published by Callie Keen
I watched as she ripped the flower I drew to pieces, watched the shreds of paper descend slowly to the…
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Obrigada Cabo Verde

Published by Lauren Owens
Coming into this program, I did not anticipate was how dramatic the shifts between our work sites would prove to…
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Adaptability and Connections

Published by Urmi Pandya
DukeEngage Cabo Verde May 22 - July 17, 2018 Urmi Pandya   Adaptability and Connections DukeEngage Cabo Verde involves developing…
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Initial Thoughts

Published by Urmi Pandya
DukeEngage-Cabo Verde May 22- July 17, 2018 Reflection 1: Narratives, Storytelling & Assumptions Our civic engagement consists of working at…
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