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Breaking News & Travel Alerts for Summer 2018

From time to time, DukeEngage program travels and activities are affected by regional events and situations (severe weather, political unrest, etc.). DukeEngage monitors all program locations and strives to inform students and parents about relevant issues as quickly as possible. If you have questions about specific locations or safety issues, please email us:

  • DukeEngage-Tanziania (May 15, 2018): In recent weeks, an outbreak of cholera has been reported in Tanzania. After consultation with ISOS and Duke Student Health, we sent reminders to students about the information that was shared at the Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy. Students’ risk of contracting cholera remains low if they practice simple, preventative measures.
  • DukeEngage-Kauai (April 18, 2018): Kauai island has experienced significant rainfall and flooding in recent days. State officials are working to assess the extent of the damage to the island’s roads, structures and infrastructure, and they have begun planning for needed clean-up and repair. We are monitoring the situation closely and are in contact with our partners in Kauai regarding planned student activities, lodging and work sites. At this time, we are hopeful that all programming and travel itineraries for DukeEngage Kauai will proceed as scheduled. Students and parents have been informed.