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Who, What, Where, and How?

Published by Ana Trejo
This past week in Dade Legal Aid’s Guardianship department, I was able to observe and take notes on four depositions—two …
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A COVID-19 poem

Published by Victoria McReynolds
staring through a computer screen eyes straining videos buffering pets barking and meowing   pressing the mute button then clicking …
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Real World Implications

Published by Justine Cronk
While being fully immersed in a remote volunteer experience with a specific organization and community, it can be easy to …
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This image is of a tree with roots underground. The roots stand for the causes which lead to a problem at the ground surface, and the tree above ground represents the symptoms of the problem which are visible to the world.

Addressing the Root Cause

Published by Cidian Edwards
This week, I met with the supervisor of the Substance Abuse and Recidivism Reduction program at the Criminal Justice Resource …
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Week 1 Reflection

Published by Emma Swill
As an ambitious eight-year-old I began fundraising for Project Morry, a youth development organization offering a summer camp experience and …
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One Door Closes And Another Opens!

Published by Raia Lockerman
Sudan Memory Project – Background This summer, I am working with an organization called the Sudan Memory Project. Based in …
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