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Published by Joel
In an unfamiliar place, it’s usually better to listen than to speak. This summer, listening carefully to the students in …
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sunset over han river

Week 8: Until We Meet Again…

Published by Melody Hong
Wow, I’m already on the last legs of my South Korea experience…. It’s a little surreal to imagine. Two months …
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Tiffany Drew a Picture of Us

Week 4: Jungle

Published by Melody Hong
New Grounds This week we moved to 1st grade. I’ve never needed a nap more in my life. When I …
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Camp: Week 3

Published by Elayne Wang
This week was robotics week at camp! On Monday morning the girls received a Lego Mindstorm kit. They were given …
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Orange Concentrate

Published by Theresa Tong
July 10: FIRST DAY OF CAMP!! Today was the first day of camp and I did not know what to …
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Published by Mikhal Kidane
A recognition of the collective and the extension of care beyond that of the individual have distinguished my experience in …
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school children giving happy hand signs

Making the Magic Happen

Published by Megan Wong
I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies …
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