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St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow. Photo: Alisa Bedrov

Russia Highlights – 2018

Published by Edna Andrews, PhD
Week 1 highlights included learning the safety instructions for the center and the rules for working with the non-sighted rehabilitants. …
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young child sitting with female health worker

Por Dicha

Published by jordanrichardson
My final day in Costa Rica was marked with many tearful goodbyes and promises of visits and staying in touch. …
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young people exercising in a large gymnasium

The Price of Failure

Published by Jordan Richardson
Children don’t expect you to fail.  I have seen this sentiment in the eyes of the many young athletes I …
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Students checking emails

Published by ivanapremasinghe
Each day brings new activities and new experiences at the Carlson School [for Cerebral Palsy in Auckland, New Zealand]. However, …
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The Various Faces of China

Published by CarolineWang
We began our week in Shanghai, spent the middle of the week volunteering at various schools, and finished it off …
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