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Engaging Continues

Published by Samuel Bentlin
Well, DukeEngage is finally ending. This means no more discussions, reflections. But this is not the end of engagement, As …
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Importance of Reflection

Published by Natalie Kubicki
There are so many ways to maintain the lessons of DukeEngage throughout the year at Duke.  I am currently involved …
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This image is of a chain with a broken link.

The Weak Link

Published by Cidian Edwards
When I asked my supervisor if there was any data regarding the effectiveness of the Substance Abuse Treatment and Recidivism …
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Remembering to Remember

Published by Jonathan Pertile
This summer I have been attending reflection classes weekly through DukeEngage. These meetings have been helpful for me to reflect. …
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Published by Rachel Beza-Juarez
Reflection. Reevaluation. Reorientation. This practice can often go ignored when we have what seems like millions of things to do …
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