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My Notes App

Published by Carolyn MacLeod
“Rape is not about sex. Rape is about power.” I quickly tapped this quote from an office coworker into a …
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view of mountain near ocean

Not MY Place

Published by Katja Kochvar
Recently, I was asked one of those grand, sweeping questions that seem super cheesy but still leave you with your …
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view of castle

The North

Published by Alex Heap
Our program has entered the second week of its placement in Durham, England. However, Durham is a relatively small city …
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Sam Miglarese with The Journey sculpture, by Fenwick Lawson. You can also find a bronze sculpture of St. Cuthbert's "Journey" in Millennium Park, Durham, UK.

Our Journey with Cuthbert

Published by Neil Hoefs
The following post was written by Sam Miglarese, Co-Director of DukeEngage Durham since 2007.    This is my 5th journey …
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Exploring on Foot

Published by Gia Jadick
It is hard to believe that I am nearly halfway through my summer here in Washington DC. For one, my …
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Intense Historic Immersion

Published by Elizabeth Finny
I didn’t really know what to expect when I left my home in Miami, FL, and headed to Johannesburg to …
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