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Fair Discrimination

Published by Anna Chulack
As I approach the end of my time here in Cape Town and look forward to returning to Duke, I’ve …
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“What’s Up, Sexy?”

Published by Anna Chulack
Sexual harassment is any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to physical, verbal, …
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three young people holding blocks with finance-related words

What is Good Service?

Published by Tiffany Jiang
In a recent reflection, we were asked to think about what constitutes “good service”. There were a few disagreeing answers, …
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Charitable Trust

Published by Gina Kovalik
As of today, we are a whopping 2 weeks in and already 1/3 through our shortened program. Through the ups …
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Random Acts of Kindness

Published by Richard Van Vliet
During my weeks in Portland, the city’s reputation for being weird has lived up to my expectations in a lot …
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Outside brick wall of Covenant House

Parental Impact

Published by Leo Pagano
This week, I began working in the finance department of the Covenant House in New Orleans. The Covenant House offers …
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Students in classroom

A Lonely Place

Published by NadiaFord
Bad moods are my worst enemy. If my life were a movie, which I am pretty convinced it is at …
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