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GoodBye NOLA

Published by Nefer Batsuli
Due to unexpected flooding and Hurricane Barry threatening a repeat of the Katrina catastrophe, Duke Engage NOLA was DisEngaged much …
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Beamish Museum

Published by Elizabeth Wheeler
For our last planned weekend event, we visited Beamish museum. Beamish is an open-air museum that recreates what life was …
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A Suffering World’s Cry

Published by Anna Northup
From my solitary perch atop the parking garage, I stared out across the treetops at the distant Charlotte skyline. The …
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The Heart of D.C.

Published by Sarah Royka
This past weekend our program director Professor Williams graciously invited us to his aunt’s home for a community dinner followed …
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A New Adventure Awaits

Published by Martha Pahren
We finished up work at our site placements in Durham, NC the other day. On our last day of work …
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