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Summer Contact Info

Non-Emergency Concerns

Please use this contact information as a first line of contact unless your situation is immediate and urgent.
DukeEngage: 919-660-3223 or

24/7 General Emergencies

Please use this contact information ONLY if your situation is immediate and urgent.

DukeEngage Emergency Hotline: 919-724-7935
Duke University Police (if you cannot reach the DukeEngage Hotline): 919-684-2444

24/7 Travel Emergencies & Concerns
Cardinal Travel: 817-484-4243
From outside the U.S., you may need to dial a 00-1 prefix.

Want to Learn More?

We’re compiling a list of frequently asked questions and answers to share here. Meanwhile, please take a look at the following links.

Opening slide of video shows a glboe on a blue screen
Video created by Duke’s Office of Family Programs

Executive Director for DukeEngage, Dr. Eric Mlyn shares important information for parent and family members about DukeEngage, a signature undergraduate program.

Opening slide of parents presentation shows DukeEngage participant sitting in circle with middle school students
Eric Mlyn Webcast for Parents 10/18/2016

Eric Mlyn, Executive Director for DukeEngage meeting Live with parents and family members to answer questions about applications, safety, and more. (53 minutes)

Video thumbnail: photo of students walking through field with title of movie across the screen

Industry leaders, professors and Duke graduates explain how DukeEngage expands career options for students in business, finance, tech and other professional sectors.