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Check out Briana Kleiner’s article “Piecing Together the Memories: Senior Year Reflection.” Writing about her experience at Duke University as a senior, Briana reflects back on the path she created for herself, the memorable experiences that will last her a lifetime, and the global opportunities presented to her. Chronicling her struggles and triumphs, Briana shares her experiences in Duke in Australia, study away in Mexico, and DukeEngage Kaua’i (2017).

Here’s an excerpt:

“During my first few semesters at Duke, I did not have a checklist or a clear path outlined. Granted, all Duke majors have checklists for you detailing major requirements and electives, but it also constantly changes in course availability and the introduction of new courses. Therefore, it was difficult to navigate with such uncertainty, but I was confident in my love for studying the ocean and fish—an extremely broad area of inquiry with many different avenues for exploration. In addition, I was intrigued by conversations surrounding complex and reflective questions that related to differences in cultural backgrounds. My interests were broad but flexible.”

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