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During the summer of 2018, 41 students envisioned and implemented valuable independent programs through DukeEngage with community partners around the globe. The following descriptions offer a brief look into their work; we encourage past, present, and future DukeEngagers to learn more about the wide range of projects our students undertake.


Taught English, facilitated activities, and assisted the Onsite Director with daily operation. 


Constructed immigration policy and criminal justice debate curricula through manuals and videos; wrote grants; instructed students.


A group of young students smiling with a volunteer staff member

Raised awareness of “Comfort Women.” Collected historical evidence, translated historical documents, guided museum tours, and visited the survivors in China.



Worked on environmental education curriculum and a database of state departments of education.


Woman smiling in office

Public Health

Worked with different professionals advocating for sexual education and reproductive rights.


Voluntario Gobal


Protester holding sign.
Photo from demonstration in Buenos Aires during Lexi’s time in Argentina.

Analyzed population health and gender and human rights in the healthcare delivery model.


Worked on a social and community health service project focused on early childhood development and public health.


Kids playing with a ball

Conducted laboratory tests for a tropical disease that is a public health concern in developing countries.


Person smiling

Assisted with community actions and direct services, produced a media campaign for health equity, conducted preliminary research on public perception of health equity, and examined barriers to care for minority groups.\


A group of people

Utilized geographic information systems (GIS) to map the availability and accessibility of resources for cervical cancer treatment.


Planned, presented, and taught wellness sessions and arts sessions to community youth and their families; and participated in health education and outreach initiatives.


Kids practicing ballet outdoors.

Created a podcast and video series based off of interviews with community partner’s clients and created training materials for staff and volunteers.


Studied the best practices of technologies in healthy aging and recommended measures to improve existing multi-stakeholder platforms.


Worked in a clinical bio-medical laboratory to help doctors with diagnoses, assisted doctors in the medical clinic, and worked on children’s programs.


Three people standing outdoors with body of water in distance


Worked on global ocean conservation through marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation, scientific research, and education initiatives.

Refugees/Human Rights/Empowerment

Researched human trafficking through a disability lens.


A group of women smiling.

Exposed and advocated for social justice issues at the roots of death penalty policy and history.


Woman sitting at desk

Conducted research, analysis, and high-level advocacy .


Conducted research on leading global policies that aim to integrate refugees best into their new societies with an emphasis on improving governmental measures that aim to give refugees access to education services in Malaysia and the greater South East Asia region. Also worked on helping establish refugee-run businesses in the greater Kuala Lumpur area by creating an enterprise incubator process that helped refugees build business plans and marketing schemes for their products and services.


Seven people from the Liberty to Learn team

Coordinated with government organizations and communicated with supporters and volunteers at a non-profit focused on eradicating human slavery and trafficking.


A group of four people in front of a sign that reads "Abolish Slavery"

Worked on advocacy programs curricula and increased community outreach by including participants in advocacy programs.




Conducted a cost-benefit analysis of implementing Green Technology that could reduce energy costs and air contaminants in patient rooms as well as provide an overall cleaner facility.


Worked on sustainable development through renewable energy engineering and clean water initiatives to help build and connect Sumba’s remote island infrastructure.


Person jumping in the air beneath windmills.

Worked on multiple aspects of an energy project including constructing new wind turbines to provide electricity to coastal communities.


A group of people raising a wind turbine.

Constructed a pedestrian bridge, providing safe year-round access to a community.


Four people standing on a bridge holding a Duke flag.

Worked with All We Are to design and implement solar panel installation at two schools identified by Bringing Hope to the Family.


All We Are