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During the summer of 2017, 38 students envisioned and implemented valuable independent programs through DukeEngage with community partners around the globe. The following descriptions offer a brief look into their work;  we encourage past, present, and future DukeEngagers to learn more about the wide range of projects our students undertake.


Worked on financial literacy and entrepreneurship primarily with Aboriginal students in Western Australia.


Documented childhood poverty and resilience to support community partner’s efforts.

Assisted in educating special needs students at school with focus on Cerebral Palsy.

Compiled disability narratives, profiles for students at nonprofit showcasing their stories, challenges, and successes.

Collaborated with partners on curriculum at camps for special needs students and worked on development and capacity-building for the non-profit.

Public Health

Surveyed patients to begin process of building a mobile app for stroke recovery.

Engaged Special Olympics community through health fairs that linked underserved athletes and health professionals.

Partnered with midwifery clinic to focus on women’s empowerment, best practices for sexual assault victims, and improved health outcomes.

Collaborated on science curriculum as well as empowering girls through education.

Created an anthology of patient stories with a cancer-focused palliative care organization.

Implemented perioperative music therapy program for better patient outcomes post-surgery.



Worked on public health project primarily focused on women’s health and educating young girls.




Worked on conservation efforts to protect the pangolin and implemented field safety protocol.

Collaborated on coral reef conservation and sustainability.

Worked on conservation and sustainable community development.


Conducted field research on the fossa for community conservation organization and implemented environmental education programs at local schools.

Conducted field research on cook stove emissions and fuel sources to monitor impact on lemur habitat.

Assisted with biodiversity monitoring and coastal habitat restoration projects.


Refugees/Migration/Human Rights

Engaged communities on labor education and mobilization for undocumented Chinese workers in Paris.

Worked with human rights organization on resettlement as well as cultural and legal issues for newly arrived and undocumented refugees.

Worked on local capacity building in a rural area.


Provided translation assistance and educational empowerment for survivors of gender-related violence.

Korea Women’s Hotline

Developed policy recommendations for immigrant and refugee communities of Rhode Island, emphasizing education, training, and employment.

Developed life skills and mentoring curriculum for the Hope Beyond Transitional Center for girls and young women.


Collaborated with local organization and Duke Engineers for International Development to build a multi-purpose facility for community.

Constructed windmills for renewable energy program in isolated and impoverished community.


Connor conducted cost-benefit analysis of mobile clinic for prosthetics project focused on underserved patients.

Rishi assisted on injection molding and lower-limb scanning project for prosthetics clinic focused on underserved patients.