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one-story building with paintings and words on the side

The Cost of Living

Published by martincala
I’ve never been in a house with no floors. That is, I had never been in such a house until …
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Orange Concentrate

Published by Theresa Tong
July 10: FIRST DAY OF CAMP!! Today was the first day of camp and I did not know what to …
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children and grown-ups sitting on a classroom floor

Slum Does Not Equal Homeless

Published by Loren Breen
After 15 years in the United States education system, I thought I had at least a general understanding of life …
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Immortality Does Exist

Published by Elizabeth Allen
Soon after I began working at Crag Law Center, I realized just how much DukeEngagers have contributed to Crag over …
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Shelves of books

Books and the Scrap Exchange

Published by Sarah Sculco
Before I’d even entered the building for my first day of work, I encountered something that ended up a significant …
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school children giving happy hand signs

Making the Magic Happen

Published by Megan Wong
I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies …
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Mid-Program Reflections

Published by Megan Wong
Our time in Zhuhai is halfway over. I’ve been in China for four weeks now, and in four weeks from …
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Miami in Amerikkka

Published by Sanjidah Ahmed
When I was eight-years-old, my dad decided that we were all going to speak English and only English in the …
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Bring Me The Law

Published by Fiona Xin, Jose San Martin, Jason Brovich
Everyone’s wheels touched down sometime on Friday last week, but we spent the night raiding the grocery section of a …
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