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A Deeper Look

Published by Kaelah Brauher
Growing up in a small town in Michigan, I’ve never had much exposure to homelessness. The only homeless people I …
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historic brick building with tall spire

The High-Five Man

Published by CM
Each morning on my walk to work, I am confronted by many things. Blasting horns and sirens as the Duck …
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Why are you here?

Published by Chloe McGlynn
Wherever we are, whether it’s DukeEngage Cape Town, Thailand, Orange County, or — like me — Boston, we have been …
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The Danger in Throwing Starfish

Published by Forrest Pratson
In our first reflection, Dane, the site coordinator,  passed around two stories, both representing different kinds of service. One talked …
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Boats in a harbor

A Historical Weekend in Boston

Published by Esther Badiata
“The tall ships are coming!” The city buzzed with excitement for Sail Boston, a maritime extravaganza where old and historic …
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