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one-story building with paintings and words on the side

The Cost of Living

Published by martincala
I’ve never been in a house with no floors. That is, I had never been in such a house until …
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two women smiling and posing for the camera

Adding Life to Days

Published by janelramkalawan
Palliative care is often abridged to ‘end-of-life care’. It’s how the field was first introduced to me. I heard these …
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three people posing for photo in dark room

Hospitable Environment

Published by martincala
One of the goals of WindAid was to give the volunteers the opportunity to explore the people and culture throughout …
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An Outsider of the System

Published by Anqi Pu
Throughout years, I’ve been accustomed to being an outsider. Deeply influenced by Martha Nussbaum, I try to practice rational detachment. …
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two people folding fabric

For Future Duke Engage Zhuhai:

Published by SaraYuen
You maybe reading our blog posts to prepare for your own Duke Engage-Zhuhai trip or interview. Congratulations! Hsiao-mei would call …
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We all have mental health.

Published by Beau Blass
Our departure from Waddington Street Centre was celebrated just as our arrival: with a quiz. That first round of questioning …
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Orange Concentrate

Published by Theresa Tong
July 10: FIRST DAY OF CAMP!! Today was the first day of camp and I did not know what to …
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