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DukeEngage Zhuhai Week 1

Published by Sua Cho
#1 Before starting my first week of DukeEngage Zhuhai, I began with the first step to every successful project: research. …
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Importance of Reflection

Published by Natalie Kubicki
There are so many ways to maintain the lessons of DukeEngage throughout the year at Duke.  I am currently involved …
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Welcome to UpLearn!

Published by Alex Raghunandan
This past week I started my internship at the Scalabrini Refugee Center in Cape Town, South Africa. I am working …
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The White Elephant in the Room

Published by Madeleine Sparrow
On my first day of in-town training at Freedom School Partners, I was startled when a simple “Good Morning” led …
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sunset over han river

Week 8: Until We Meet Again…

Published by Melody Hong
Wow, I’m already on the last legs of my South Korea experience…. It’s a little surreal to imagine. Two months …
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