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The White Elephant in the Room

Published by Madeleine Sparrow
On my first day of in-town training at Freedom School Partners, I was startled when a simple “Good Morning” led …
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sunset over han river

Week 8: Until We Meet Again…

Published by Melody Hong
Wow, I’m already on the last legs of my South Korea experience…. It’s a little surreal to imagine. Two months …
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Busan beach

Bowling. Busan. Bye.

Published by Youlim Kim
I’ve never been a good bowler. When I was a wee lass, I used to go to GattiTown (kinda like …
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people holding uphands

New Face

Published by James Feng
Before we started teaching at Wooridul, I told myself that leaving this school would not be as hard as leaving …
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people serving food

Week 7: Group Blog

Published by Melody Hong and Brock Salzman
The second week at Wooridul was much easier than the first. We started to get a hang of the different …
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black board

New School

Published by Brock Salzman
This week was our first experience with our second site, Woorideul School. Although it shares the same goal, educating foreign students, …
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Introductions at the morning assembly

Group Blog #6 DukeEngage South Korea

Published by Peining Yang & Brandon Bui
This week, our group began teaching at Woorideul School (우리들학교), a specialized academy for North Korean refugees and Korean-Chinese who have …
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