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Unexpectedly Learning

Published by Ulises
“ULYP Graduation.” When I first heard these words, I was unsure of what the event would consist of. Unite Lebanon…
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Memory and Storytelling

Published by Soraya
I never thought about the correlation between memory, identity and trust until I had a conversation with one of my…
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Published by Sam
BINGO! That’s right. Of all the amazing and eye-opening experiences I have had in the past eight weeks in Lebanon,…
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Published by Joel
In an unfamiliar place, it’s usually better to listen than to speak. This summer, listening carefully to the students in…
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Memory and Story Telling

Published by Isabel
I have been having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that my experience in Lebanon could sadly…
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Expectations vs. Reality

Published by Caroline
It is inevitable that many of our expectations preceding our entry into the unknown are influenced by the implicit biases…
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Reflection Session

Published by Camille
I thought the letter was beautifully written but very somber and it made me think of Beirut in a different…
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Published by Allison
During one of my English lessons, I was going over the difference between denotation, the dictionary definition of a word,…
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Language as a Barrier and Catalyst

Published by Akshay
Language is an integral part of how humans communicate. The ability to accurately and effectively express oneself allows for the…
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Outdoor art exhibition with buildings in the background

Our Visit to Shatila

Published by Chloe
This weekend we had the opportunity to visit Shatila, another refugee camp in southern Beirut. It’s known partly because of…
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