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group of young people jumping in the air, arms stretched toward the blue sky

Zhuhai 2018 Blog – External Link

Published by cathystamm
The 2018 DukeEngage-Zhuhai cohort has decided to maintain their blog on an external site. Here’s the link to that blog. Please visit…
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two people folding fabric

For Future Duke Engage Zhuhai:

Published by SaraYuen
You maybe reading our blog posts to prepare for your own Duke Engage-Zhuhai trip or interview. Congratulations! Hsiao-mei would call…
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words on a whiteboard surrounded by students

Naming the Feeling

Published by SaraYuen
As a linguistics major, I am often questioned about my subject of study. It’s a reasonable inquiry! Language is a…
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young woman holding a baby

Ending on a (Zhu)Hai Note

Published by IreneKoc
I never really thought myself to be the type to cry when things got emotional. But the moment all the…
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duke student posing with two adults and one child

Saying Goodbye is Hard

Published by PamelaSurran
It has been a week since leaving Zhuhai and looking back on it is an utterly surreal feeling. The final…
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large group of performers dancing on stage wearing duke tshirts

Post 8 – The Final Rhythm

Published by DanielSong
The program has finally concluded, and after a little under 40 hours of traveling, I’ve  made it home. I usually…
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