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The infant on his mother's side.

Spider Monkeys

Published by Christina Holloway
After a taxing but merry week of digging holes and tree planting, the weekend tastes sweet. We spent our Sunday…
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Morning of Mist Netting

Published by Kendall Jefferys
During my first week in Costa Rica, I had grown used to waking to bird song and the stream of…
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DukeEngage Costa Rica group having a discussion

The Final Leg of our Journey

Published by by Jason Atwood and Eudora Miao
July 23rd, 2017 It’s now the second to last week and it feels like time is speeding up. Our forest…
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DukeEngage Costa Rica students with their program leader and the former Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica

Changing Perspectives

Published by Sunny Zhang
I applied to DukeEngage-Costa Rica hoping that my experience would shed some light on my future path. I’ve always cared…
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