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Invest in Education

Published by William Brodner
Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As states …
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A train moving too fast is an apt description of our current notions of progress.

The Problem of the Runaway Train

Published by Michael Cao
The first class I attended at Duke was a seminar called “Globalization and Corporate Citizenship” led by Dirk Philipsen, a …
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Exploring Restorative Justice

Published by William Brodner
The urge for revenge is strong. The Old Testament proclaims that in the event of serious injury, the appropriate remedy …
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This image is of a tree with roots underground. The roots stand for the causes which lead to a problem at the ground surface, and the tree above ground represents the symptoms of the problem which are visible to the world.

Addressing the Root Cause

Published by Cidian Edwards
This week, I met with the supervisor of the Substance Abuse and Recidivism Reduction program at the Criminal Justice Resource …
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Thoughts After Week One

Published by Jimmy Rodríguez
This past week, I started a remote internship for GreenLight Fund (GLF), a national nonprofit that has a site in …
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Week 1 with Duke Engage Detroit

Published by Darby Heflin
This week I started with Street Democracy, a start-up law firm in Detroit Michigan working with underprivileged community members through …
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Volunteering at the Food Bank

Published by Michael Castro
Volunteering at the food bank made me quite emotional. I was helping out with registration overall, but I mainly focused …
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