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Cape Town from the peak

Published by Mabelle Zhang
I firmly believe that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Cascading mountains, unique flora …
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A Day in Cape Town

What’d you do today?

Published by Shreyas Gupta
This weekend marks four weeks on this trip or in other words, the halfway mark. My post today is slightly …
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The Future of Work

Published by Juliana Mayer
Last Tuesday I spent my workday at SACTWU summarizing a report from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) regarding the future …
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On Perception

Published by Juliana Mayer
Our stay in South Africa thus far has focused on understanding the culture, history, and life of those who live …
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Wounded Hippos

Published by Lily Koning
During Duke Engage Academy, we were told two stories. In the first of these stories, the ocean washes thousands of …
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people learning

#11—Kochi to Cape Town!!

Published by Arthi Kozhumam
Sunday, July 8th. After a series of flights from Kochi to Dubai and Dubai to Cape Town, we finally landed, …
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view of city and ocean from mountain

Week 2 – Dirty Hands

Published by Sheridan Wilbur
I barely washed my hands all week. It wasn’t from laziness or gross hygiene habits though. Almost every sink in …
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