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ICE Machine

Published by Alexander Frumkin
On our first day at my internship in Miami, the law firm’s human resources coordinator said that immigration law is…
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Kid Gloves

Published by Nicolas Aldana
All right, that's it. Kid gloves are off. I'm so tired of feeling like a child, I thought as I…
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Righteous Anger: A Case Study

Published by Olivia Lee
I’ve spent the last six weeks at the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center and the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center. I’ve…
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I Could Not Have Been Any More Wrong

Published by Cassandra Appiah-Ofori
For the past few weeks, most of the drastic changes made by the current administration regarding immigration revolved around undocumented…
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Meeting People Where They Are

Published by Cassandra Appiah-Ofori
I’ve wanted to be a physician for most of my life. In the beginning, the reason I always gave was…
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Can I Do This?

Published by Anjali Kunapaneni
I’ve come in contact with privilege in a lot of ways – in the ways that I possess it, and…
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Wrapping Up

Published by Elaine Zhong
As I am writing this blog, there is only one week left of DukeEngage-Miami. After all the personal rants in…
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