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A girl posing with a green coconut

Here’s a Haiku, NEAT!

Published by Ella Head
Coconuts are grand, Water refreshes, so sweet Best Hawaiian treat!   All Photos by Delmar Kaiser.
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A girl facing away from the camera and looking at a body of water

Our Makai

Published by Briana Kleiner
The ocean is international. But it is not cared for in the same way internationally. I grew up on the …
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young woman with two halves of an open coconut

Loving Limahuli

Published by Ella Head
Three weeks in and I have had 3 sunburns, opened countless coconuts, and have started on an endless journey of …
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four people working in a garden

Welcome to Malama Kaua`i

Published by Delmar Kaiser
Do you know what is unbelievable? The amount of information about sustainable agriculture that I have learned over the course …
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people working with their hands

Poi Day!

Published by Ana Ramirez
My community partner, Waipa, has worked with the community for 20 years to manage 1,600 acres of land on the …
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