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Zemun, a municipality of Belgrade

Strangeness and Familiarity

Published by Carter Teng
The progression of my homesickness was alarming. I had been in Belgrade for less than two weeks when I changed…
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Hungary’s War on Human Rights

Published by Dillon Leovic
“The police grabbed the first man they saw. They grabbed him and started beating him with their batons. There was…
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South Serbia in June

Published by J.J. Moncus '19
The Hills hold much to be discovered red tile roofs poke up from trees in the valleys a lone train…
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Published by Qasim Hadeed '20
He stands still, but that is not what defines his state, even though his eyes mirror his posture, but also…
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A McDonalds in Serbia


Published by Matt Kirshner
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) High school and university textbooks describe a process called “McDonaldization” where foreign…
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Published by Brian Englar
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) I may have done myself a disservice. Among Serbian locals, I might…
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