New for the summer of 2017, programs have been added in Chile, Costa Rica, India, Rwanda, Uganda and Hawaii.

Three of the six new programs — Neltume, Chile; Monteverde and Santa Elena, Costa Rica; and Kauai, HI — focus on environmental policy, sustainability and conservation efforts. All three are faculty-led programs. The new program in Ahmedabad, India, is also faculty-led, with a focus on children and youth, women’s empowerment and human services. The program in Kigali, Rwanda, focuses on public health, education, land reform, women’s rights and the well-being of children; this faculty-led program has strong ties to the Duke Center for Documentary Studies. The final program, Uganda-EWH (Engineering World Health), will focus on health care technology/engineering projects.

Serving Communities Throughout the World

The cornerstone of the DukeEngage experience is its breadth of U.S.-based and international immersion programs, which place students for a minimum of eight weeks in communities worldwide. Through their service, students help address a particular community's issue(s) — and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow developmentally throughout the process.

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Prior to their experience, all students complete mandatory pre-departure training through the Fortin Foundation DukeEngage Academy, held in May each year.  Learn more about the academy by selecting the link to the left.

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All program participants are subject to the provisions of the DukeEngage Travel Policy. Students are advised to review the DukeEngage Travel FAQs before selecting a program and to read the travel policy in its entirely before applying.