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A Subtle Change

Published by Kristina McKean
In the past 3 weeks in Portland, something has changed. Perhaps it’s my posture or the idle way I swipe …
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Okay, Now I’m Stirred

Published by Olivia McAuliffe
If you read my blog post from last week, you would know that I had a couple close encounters with …
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Wrapping Up

Published by Maryam Asenuga
As we wrap up, I reflect on my time here in South Africa and I look back with the utmost …
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part of a scooter, close up

Transit-Oriented Teens

Published by Yoav Kargon
2018-08-03   Road rage, screaming at the bus driver, throwing rental scooters into the river: nothing gets people going quite …
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person dressed as Swiss cheese

The Big Cheese

Published by Annie Roberts
The cool breeze emanating from the open dairy case brushed against my face as I set down my supplies: a …
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Seattle, Sunshine, and Summer

Published by Ann Bailey
This past weekend, we traveled east of Seattle to do some trail maintenance with the Washington Trails Association. Our crew …
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