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two people smiling holding drinks

Only in Seattle

Published by Emma Harold
The past 2 months, we have seen things on the street that are completely novel to us, anything from a …
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two girls smiling in front of a lake

An evergreen experience

Published by Ashley Hare
Seattle is growing pretty quickly, and with that so is its tourism industry. Coffee, an active volcano, Jeff Bezos, a …
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A21 Final Summer Blog Post

Published by Aidan Workman
Today was my last day working at A21. As I get ready to board my flight back to Durham tomorrow, …
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waiting of kids swimming with whales and fish

Figuring out foster care

Published by Michael Cai
For the DukeEngage Seattle program we had to rank the community partners we wanted to work at. I was drawn …
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view of a beach and a bridge with a couple making a heart with their arms

Epilogue: Thank you

Published by Youlim Kim
This is it. The final installment of my South Korea blog posts with weird titles and bad metaphors has arrived. …
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The Nonprofit-Industrial Complex

Published by Harrison Banner
“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience… The potential …
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A Typical Afternoon

Published by Adair Jones
Linear perspective, a 3D grid converging at a singular point in space. I walk towards this point. Beneath my sneakers, …
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