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This week in Orange County, we got to begin working with the girls. On Tuesday, we were a part of the externship program at Girls Inc. We presented “How to Pitch an Idea to your Supervisor” to the girls. They seemed to be engaged and interested which was great! I was nervous going into the presentation because I did not think that I had the credentials and qualifications ot be telling the girls about pitching and idea to a supervisor, but I underestimated myself. We let them pitch ideas to each other, “Shark Tank” style, and it was fun to hear their ideas and how passionate they were.

The rest of the week was devoted to prepping for Family Fun Fest. We were tasked with making the decorations for the space. I was not expecting to have to do anything artistic when I signed up for a STEM focused program! But, it was fun to have an artistic outlet.

Family Fun Fest was a long day, but it was one of the best so far. Being able to meet the girls who will be attending camp allowed both me and the girls to become better acquainted with one another which is helpful for the first day/week of camp. I met girls whom I really bonded with which was so nice! During one activity, we played rock paper scissors, but got to level up when we won and level down when we lost and it got the girls laughing.


Us at Family Fun Fest!