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Currently, I’m working on a project with the Bass Connections group from Duke called Ignite to create a streamlined course on core STEM concepts and how to teach them to different communities. This project is important to me because I love to empower people through STEM knowledge, and I believe this adapted version of the original project I was going to volunteer with (teaching underprivileged girls in a four week STEM camp) is impactful in preparing other teachers for the future. I’m most excited about being able to provide an engaging curriculum that focuses on how best to TEACH these subjects. There are many resources that already exist to teach people water sanitation or circuitry, but I think this project is impactful because of the emphasis on teaching and human centered design adaptability. At first, I was worried that the project was redundant or wouldn’t be contributing something meaningful because there are PhD level professors and educators teaching these same curriculums. But, I had a meeting with the team leaders, and they clarified how this course will also focus on how to effectively teach as well as adapt to the different communities’ needs where the curriculum will be taught. The only questions I have at this point are about how these teaching tips will be incorporated into the plan for the curriculum and also how I can best contribute my skills to the project.