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As our time with Girls. Inc winds down, I have been looking back on all the fond experiences
and learnings from the past weeks. One of my favorite parts of camp was when the participants shared their presentations, incorporating the life and STEM skills they learned to advocate for a cause. It was so exciting to see the passion the participants had for their chosen topics, as it felt as if we were witnessing an initial spark that might lead to further exploration
of the subject matters. This was moving for me as the things that sparked my love for STEM in the first place were not overly grandiose, but little moments that each built on each other over time. So in turn, I enjoyed being able to encourage and support the participants through this part of their journeys.

We ended the week with our third racial equity workshop by 1619 Consulting by Bryana Clover. I am appreciative of the opportunity to have dedicated space, time to have tough conversations and exchange lived experiences, which may not always
happen organically with people you are just getting to know. The learnings and conversations cultivated in these spaces were valuable not only for our time with Girls. Inc, but looking towards my future career in medicine in order to work against racism, discrimination, and inequality in healthcare.

As our debrief with Girls Inc. is coming up soon, I look forward to further reflection with them and I will miss my time at Girls. Inc.