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I have always been passionate about Project Morry and its mission. Working with them through Duke Engage has allowed me to reflect and delve deeper to why I enjoy the work that I am doing and why I chose to do this project in the first place. DukeEngage has encouraged me to reflect on how my actions are impacting others and why I am passionate about this role. The weekly assignments and check ins have provided structure and prompted me to think about the details of my work. So often, I get caught up in the process of “doing” that I don’t reflect on the deeper meaning of my actions.

I have worked with Project Morry since I was eight years old and plan to continue my work with them beyond my Duke Engage experience. Hopefully, I will continue to be reflective throughout my work. My engagement will most likely be most sporadic as I will be enrolled in classes in the Fall as well as research and many extracurriculars that will restart when school picks back up again. Despite these obstacles, I will always find time to support Project Morry, as I care deeply about this organization.

I also hope that I can take the skills that I have learned this summer, particularly sympathy and empathy, and apply them to my everyday life. Duke Engage was a fantastic backbone and provided great structure for my personal growth.