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This week, the campers learned the basics of HTML and CSS, and got the chance to create their own websites using a template. A fellow staff member and I taught the CSS lesson, and the campers seemed to enjoy being able to personalize their own websites and fill them with meaningful content. I even got to brush up on my coding skills as I attempted to be tech support for the campers. When one of them said that I was able to explain how to change text color in a way that was less overwhelming and made it click for them, it made my entire day knowing I was able to make a positive impact.
When we moved from coding basics into designing a “website for a cause”, the campers were all able to choose a cause that was important to them, and the topics ranged from LGBTQ rights to the ethical treatment of animals and everything in between. I was extremely impressed by the seriousness with which they researched and presented their topics, thinking critically about how they would present their information and what the goal of their charity or organization would be.  When it was time for them to present their websites, the amount of care and detail they all put in to their presentation was incredible, and their creativity was really able to shine through their projects.