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This week was bittersweet as it was the last week of camp. This week we got to help the participants with their final projects and presentations, which focused on advocating for an issue they were passionate about.  It was really exciting to see how the participants incorporated what they had learned over the course of the two weeks, from both the STEM and life skills lessons; They spoke with respect and inclusivity while educating the group on their topic, while using their HTML and website building knowledge. 


The week ended with a virtual talent show for the group, allowing the participants to showcase a variety of skills including singing, drawing, musical instruments, and makeup artistry. At the end, a few of the girls thanked the Girls Inc. staff members for all they have done to support them both in this camp and in years past. It was so heartwarming to see how welcoming and supporting a community Girls. Inc of Orange County has worked to build, and I feel very honored to be able to be a part of that this summer.