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My entire experience so far with DukeEngage has been indescribable. I never realized how much my unique background and upbringing would come into play with the work I’ve been doing these past few weeks.
For example, I never really considered my experience of being a girl scout for ten years being as handy as it has been. Throughout these past weeks, I have taken several strolls down memory lane trying to recall the many exciting activities I was introduced to while in GirlScouts. My many experiences with camping and participating in interactive group activities have been very helpful when trying to brainstorm ways to engage with my students. Many of the interactive activities I have incorporated into the lessons have been songs or games I enjoyed when I was a girl scout. The feedback I have received from my students in response to these activities reminds me of the joy I shared when I was younger. These moments have made me reminisce on my childhood a great amount.
Something else that has also really stood out to me during this reflection was the impact of my experience going to a specialty high school that emphasized dynamic approaches to unique situations. Throughout my high school experience, I was constantly challenged to approach problems that avoided the common solution or in some cases under the pressure of time. These experiences have greatly strengthened my improvisation skills. Many times, I have found myself having to adjust to the uncertain classroom circumstances and I have had to use the skills I acquired in high school to creatively approach the maintenance of flow and energy in the classroom. This has been a very essential skill because it has allowed me to maximize the time I have with my students in the classroom and it has assisted with the occasional encounters with poor internet connection.
Altogether, this reflection has been very helpful in helping me realize how much of the creative process can be attributed to my background and upbringing. I am hoping to continue to explore this influence throughout the remaining weeks.

Welcome Week 5!