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This article talks about the ethical concerns regarding the expansion of Artificial Intelligence on an international scale. The work I am doing will eventually impact projects all over the world, so I think this article is very relevant. By bringing up the ethical issues involved, it has caused me to make sure that I am including my supervisors’ input as much as possible in this project, rather than letting the machine do all of the thinking.

One perspective that I think is really important when talking about Artificial Intelligence is the subject of accountability. Who is at fault when the machine makes a mistake? Most AI machines have a 75% accuracy rate. Why is this something that is okay?

One perspective that I think is missing is that the article doesn’t talk about the amount of jobs that have been lost with the rise of artificial intelligence. The idea that a machine can do all of the work and thinking that a human does at a fraction of the cost is scary. Remembering the value of human life is something that this industry must consider when working with Artificial Intelligence.