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Every week, one of us signs up for the responsibility of creating a social media post for GVI’s Facebook page—here is Shreyas’s (from the end of Week 4)

It’s now been a full month that DukeEngage Kochi has been in India!! Time flies when you’re having fun and learning. Our fourth week here was definitely an awesome week! Tuesday was such an amazing day. It was our last day with the first group of ESSS women so we had a whole celebration and dance party with the women and it was soooo much fun. Also, it was Damilola’s, one of our team member’s, birthday, so we had ourselves a relaxing party. Everyone got face masks and had a calming evening to enjoy Damilola’s night. All our sessions this week were a success, as we were able to follow through on our objectives. Personally, it’s been amazing to see the project partners picking up on what we’re trying to communicate to them. It is really rewarding to know that our hard work is paying off and motivates us to work harder and better and improve. We finished the week off with our “Mandatory Sustainable Development Goals Workshop” which just ended up being a LIT dance off. We then went to a Kathakali performance which is a traditional Keralan art form that focuses on facial expressions and head movements to convey emotion. The performers were in such immense makeup and costumes (see picture) and were so talented. All in all, this week was great. During the week some of us shared our life shields with the group so that we all can get to know each other better and can get closer. Our group dynamic has been amazing and we have been improving and constantly getting better during our planning sessions and project sessions. I couldn’t have asked for a better Kochi Krew! It’s been amazing to get to know the whole group for the last four weeks and I can’t wait to work with and enjoy India with the group for the next four weeks.